Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Through the years.....

Timeline of weight


with my BFF

130 - 135 lbs (7/2000)
Then I moved, moved again, got married, had several jobs, got pregnant, moved again, worked, had a baby, separated from my husband, moved again, tried going to college with no babysitter and no vehicle.
140 - 145 lbs (9/2002)
Then I met my current husband, had another baby, moved, worked at a casino, finalized divorce, married current husband, tried college online with two tiny kiddos at home, worked at a factory, I was diagnosed with psoriasis and we moved again.
9/02 before I was pregnant with second baby

160 lbs (10/2005)
Then my husband went overseas for almost a year, my son started preschool early for speech delay, my daughter started therapy and was diagnosed with autism, broke my foot and I started having health issues which was eventually diagnosed as PCOS. 
right before he went overseas
175 lbs (8/2006)
Went through a few major issues in marriage, son was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, bought a house, stepson moved in and then out and then in and then out again, lots of therapies for kids, lots of different kinds of doctors for kids, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, lots more stress that I couldn't possibly remember it all.

early summer 2006

end of 2006

mid 2007

230 lbs (5/2009)
202.5 lbs (10/2010)
209.3 lbs (6/2011)
june 2011
212.3 lbs (5/2012)

218.9 lbs (5/2013)
may 2013

Oct 2013
227 lbs (5/2014)
Feb 2014

April 2014
Due to my height to be in normal weight range would be anywhere between 120 lbs to 161 lbs. I think I am medium framed so no way would 120 be a good weight for me plus from past experience I know 130 is the lowest I could ever go without looking really odd. My goal is 140 lbs which would put my bmi at 21.7..... which is right in the middle so that would be great. That's 87 lbs to lose. I wonder if I could do 2 lbs a week for 43.5 weeks..... so that would make it around March 8, 2015.
I am hoping that by putting this out there I will stay motivated. I am not shy about my weight. I am not embarrassed. Maybe it's because I allow myself to have excuses and reasons for gaining it. I do not handle stress well and trust me, I've had more than my share of stress. Genetically I come from overweight people... my DNA is FAT! :) Plus PCOS makes gaining weight a breeze but losing it a nightmare. While I guess I am excusing my past behavior and forgiving myself, I am not going to just sit by any longer and continue to gain. I have 4 members of my family that has had gastric bypass surgery... one died essentially due to complications, and the other 3 might have better lives in some aspects but they've also been a lot sicker so they've had complications also. I want to lose the weight the healthy way.
This time next year I will be healthy!!!!! 




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