Saturday, August 22, 2015

Feeling southern

Anytime I fry something I feel southern. I spent a lot of my childhood visiting family in the south but only lived there for 1 year. The rest of the time I've lived in Kentucky which is almost a southern state but not quite.
A week or so ago we went out to dinner and my daughter ordered fried green tomatoes. I don't even like them but for some reason they've been stuck in my head. So today I made some. I should have taken a picture of the earlier batch before the oil got dark. My daughter said she could NOT taste the difference between mine and the ones she ordered at the restaurant. I'd call that a major success.

Several months ago I got a blooming onion through the outback take out for my husband and daughter to share. She didn't share. My poor hubby. Well I finally got around to doing something similar at home. I fried onion rings. They both had PLENTY and they thought they were delicious. 
I rarely fry food so I'm glad the onions and maters turned out so well today. 

This is the recipe I used for the green tomatoes. I didn't use a recipe for the onions.

It makes cooking more fun when I share my kitchen with this cuteness. 

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