Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everything Gone Wrong

This summer has not been like it was suppose to be.

First off, I planned a vacation that for financial reasons we didn't get to take. I cried when I cancelled our reservations. It was going to be our first family vacation, our kids are 6, 8 and 16. We really needed that vacation.

So, as a way to cheer myself up a little I decided to get a pool. I think it was like 4 feet by 20 or something. It was not settling level so we drained it to clean it and fix the ground it was on. Of course, the very next day it storms really bad and breaks the pool. We had used it maybe 6 times and it had cost like $600. I think it is reasonable to say I am upset about that. The good news is that it is fixable if my husband orders the parts and puts it back together so if I'm lucky maybe I can swim in it next year. And maybe that's too harsh because some times my husband gets on the ball and does some amazing things but he is unpredictable. He could get the parts and fix my pool or he could play WOW all day on his days off, and that seems more likely, especially since a few of his days off are taken due to other events. By the way, I think the pool has been broken for 2-3 weeks.

Another issue has been scheduling conflicts. I had two reunions this summer and of course they are planned in the same month. I couldn't afford expenses to go to both so I had to miss my band reunion. Which I know, haha band nerd but so what, I loved band and I hate that I had to miss it. I already feel the tugs from regret. Sucks!

So, as of right now I plan on going to my 10 yr high school reunion in about 2 weeks. I am excited, kind of. I want to go but I am not the person I wanted to be 10 yrs ago and the closer the reunion gets the more I feel it. I am overweight for starters and in hs I was not fat, at all. I am a student, one semester down out of 4 yrs. I'm 27 and just now starting college. What can I say, life happened.

Plus I had jury duty for the first time last month. Lets just say the topic fit right in with my career choice as social worker. A horrifying experience.

So, pity party for Penny.

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