Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well my 10 yr class reunion did not go as well as I had hoped. I did get to see a few people that I wanted to see and that was great. BUT I also ended up getting into an argument with my husband. I am a lil shy and a lil insecure and my husband is about as outgoing as they come SO I had asked him to stay with me the whole night. I know maybe I am acting childish but he left me for just over 30 minutes without telling me where he had went. When he finally came back to the table he said he had to pee and I asked him if he could get me a drink first, he had the credit card after all. He didn't. We met back at the bar where he made it obvious I had pissed him off and he started to yell at me right there. I told him if he embarrassed me that night I would NOT go home with him. He didn't care. He went back outside and I followed after several minutes because I felt that I should try making him happy. I missed the rest of my reunion because he stayed outside and didn't care that I was missing everything. They did games, announced winners in a few contests and just had the reunion while I was outside missing it all. We were talking to one of my best friends but he is someone I have seen in the past 10 yrs. I wanted to catch up with people I don't see already. The thing that makes me mad even more is that the night before my reunion we hung out with my husbands friend and I acted the perfect wife. I was the DD, I ordered my husbands drinks for him, I laughed and talked when I was supposed to. He could not do that for me. He did order my drinks a few times the night of my reunion but I had to switch to soda early on because he refused to be the DD so I could not get drunk even if I wanted to. I guess I have 10 yrs to improve myself and get my life more where I want it and then in 10 more yrs I can hopefully be brave enough to go to the reunion by myself.

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