Saturday, April 21, 2012

Travel daydreams...

I wish I could travel. That wish sometimes makes me feel guilty. I mean some people are STARVING and I want to travel. I feel selfish sometimes because of the strong desire to go places and see new things. When I envision myself going places it's such trivial silly daydreams. I see myself walking and staring; just standing somewhere gawking at the glorious sights with tears in my eyes from the wonder of it all. So I don't know if I'm weird or I expect to see heaven on earth but that's basically how I always see my travels. I do not want to go on dangerous wild adventures. I want to travel somewhere and see how beautiful it is. I do want to visit old places but again, just to see them. I don't need to skydive to make my heart race I think a gondola ride in Venice would do that

or looking at castles in Germany

or strolling through France

or Charleston

or Savannah.

I want to see things more than I want to do things. Oh how glorious that would be! I haven't been on a real vacation in years and I've only been out of the country once, like in 1998, a school cruise to the Bahamas. My memory of that trip is seeing drug paraphernalia just laying around the street vendors booths. I mean it was their stuff, not for sale stuff but their stuff. As a 10th grader I was shocked. lol  

(I adore those suitcases in that top picture. If I ever get to travel I hope I have old school luggage like that.)

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