Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Autism Speaks Cincinnati Walk

We have participated in the Cincy Autism Speaks walk every year since they first started it. Well not this... we are broke. My husband has been once or twice I think but it is really my passion not his. The whole autism thing is my passion, not his. He thinks Johna will OUTGROW the autism and the issues that come with it. He thinks any and all therapists that work with us or maybe that work with all people are just greedy individuals trying to rob us blind and that they could never possibly help. I won't get into how I feel about it right now because I could go on for hours and I get extremely emotional about the whole thing. I will say sadness, guilt, fear plus others are all involved in how I feel DAILY about the whole autism thing. I am sad that we won't be going this year to the walk. I am honestly mainly sad though because it is something the kids and I have done every year for several years now, it is Our thing, Our vacation actually. We spend the weekend in Cincy. We get a hotel with a pool because the kids and I LOVE to swim... LOVE to. We do something fun like go to the Cincinnati Museum while we are in town. The walk was held at the Cincy zoo the first year but it rained and was not that great. The 2nd year and every year since then they have held it at Coney Island amusement park near Cincy. That was great the first year and not too bad the second but really I wish they'd change it up every year. Johna likes to ride rides but I am terrified of them, they actually make me sick. Tyler does not do well with rides either. John wouldn't be going this year even if he would allow me to but he doesn't care for rides anymore either. So basically amusement parks are pretty dumb for us. Johna cannot ride them by herself. That fact is one of the reasons I also include doing something else fun while we are in Cincinnati because while the amusement park is nice and we are participating in something close to our hearts, it is not really fun. This trip has been the only vacation we get every year so I want to make the most of it for my kids. I am sad we won't be going. Another bad thing about this is that I know once John has said no and I don't go to the walk, it will be easier for him to continue to say no each year so basically we will probably never get to go to the walk again. We will never have our Cincy vacation again. Good thing I am not against pity parties because I am so having one over this. My day to day life is hard and I have nothing particularly fun in it so I looked forward to one weekend of some fun and now that has been taken away too. oh well.....

... so if you're not in the know about Autism,
go look into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2008
1st Autism Walk

May 2009
2nd Autism Walk
back row: John (my husband), Dave (my mothers husband), LJ (my stepson), Paul (my brother) & Josh (my sisters husband)
front row: Vickie (my mother), Tyler (my son), Jenny (my sister) holding Sophie (her daughter) in her lap, Johna (my daughter), Deanna (my aunt), & me

May 2010
3rd Autism Walk
back row: Dave & my mom
middle row: Jenny (my sister) holding Sophie (her daughter), Johna, Tyler & John
sitting: Denise (my sister) holding Scottie (her son) & me

May 2011
4th Autism Walk
back row: Me, Denise, Donald (my cousin), Josh
middle row: Tyler, Dave, Johna, Nana (my mom), Paul holding Sophie
front row: Papaw (my dad) in the wheelchair holding Scottie & Jenny standing and holding Connor (her son)

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