Saturday, May 5, 2012


We like to read. I like to read to my kids. No, I LOVE to. At 8 and 10 though it is getting harder to find books that can be read from front to back in one sitting. So, we do read chapter books but we still continue to read quick read kids books. They do have the best pictures! Our library has something called Library on the go which means I can go to the library website and put like 20 to 25 books on hold and they will deliver the books to a box set up at a store up the road. That box happens to be 1 mile from my house, so convenient. There is also a box next to that box for people to return the books. This way I don't have to go to the library but we can still read as much as we want.

These are some books we've read lately.

They loved this one. Funny.

They loved this one. Funny pictures.

My son liked it but my daughter and I loved this one.

They loved this one. Funny.

Too beginner for us. It basically just named tools.

My son loved it but my daughter and I think it was just okay.

They loved this one. I actually think it taught a horrible lesson. My son said it was funny how they could predict when she was dancing. I thought it was horrible how they all wanted her to stop what she loved basically because she was heavy/fat/huge whatever you want to call it. Yes we should take others into consideration but we shouldn't try to talk people out of doing what they love because we don't love that they do it.

They said, "no" and "pretty boring". I think it taught teamwork and about sibling relationships.

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