Saturday, May 5, 2012

Judith Viorst

We have read several of Judith Viorsts books lately. They are:

They loved it. Tyler thought it was funny and Johna thought the book must have been about her. (She is messy.)

They liked this one. Slightly amusing.

They loved this one. Tyler said he "loved loved loved it". Johna is more like Alexander, money burns a hole in her pocket every time she gets any. Tyler is the saver. He knows what he wants and he saves for it.

They loved it. He said it was very amusing. He loved how the kids kept getting up and being mean to each other. He also liked how the parents kept getting mad but then it was time to be up and everyone was happy, even though the kids had been bad. So I think he actually liked the forgiveness and happiness of the ending.

Loved. He couldn't tell me why he loved it but he said he just thought it was a great book. (It seems they love almost all books though.)

He liked this one and she loved it. She loved it because the babysitter ended up being nice. She likes the idea of a babysitter because she never has one.  

They both loved it. She said she loved it because he got revenge and he said he thought it was very funny.

Loved. Very funny.

Hated. He hated it because they said Heaven was not real in the story. She hated it because the cat died and because it did not believe in our faith.

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