Thursday, May 3, 2012


So maybe I am stuck up or something similar but I do not think cooking hamburger helper should be acceptable dinner for my kids. Apparently I cook too fancy ... which is not true. Fancy compared to hamburger helper, maybe... but fancy compared to fancy, heck no, not even close. I take recipes out of cookbooks and off of pinterest and cook them. I use normal ingredients, nothing special. I was informed that everyone hates my cooking. So after spending probably an hour finding recipes for the week and planning the menu and making the shopping list, I threw it all away and spent $300 buying fruit and hamburger helper. Today was day 2 of cooking that stuff. It makes me sad to cook it. I work just as hard cooking food I am ashamed of feeding my family. I work just as hard but get no joy at all from doing it. I do not feel like a good mother like sometimes I do when I have provided my family with a warm dinner.

Pleasing everyone in a family of 5 is hard.

My son hates anything remotely healthy for you, fruits & veggies. He also has a sensitive tongue and often finds things to be too spicy. He is the bread and potato eater.

My daughter does not like bread. She loves fruits & veggies. She likes to eat a lot. She is not really a big meat eater though.

At 18 LJ picks and chooses what he wants and makes sure he gets plenty of what he does like. He doesn't have any specific issue like the other kids though.

John hates anything that even sounds sweet. He also hates bread.

I don't eat onions but besides that my other food dislikes are easy to avoid. I also still provide foods to everyone even if I don't like them. (example: avocado, tomato, pickles, etc) I can cook stuff without eating it. I do not like raw veggies. I could eat sweet potatoes all the time except that my husband hates them.
So instead of cooking a variety of meals that some people like today and others may like tomorrow, now I have to cook hamburger helper. Oh and Tyler thought yesterdays HH was too spicy so he didn't eat it. It was the sloppy joe variety. I have not eaten either night.

Would you LOOK at that sodium?!

... Johna did not like tonights HH so I won't be making the Ranch one again either...

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