Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Books

I have a shelf on my bookshelf that I leave open just to hold their library books. I do not want them to get mixed in with our books or lost so they get their very own shelf. Two piles, Read and Need to Read. So I just went through the piles, 5 books that still need to be read and 6 that have been read so they need to be returned. We also have 17 books on hold at the library so we should be getting more books any day now. Here are the 6 we need to return:
Loved it. They both said it was hilarious. I thought it was cute and agreed with the mommy in the book. Unconditional love!

They loved it. She said "silly"; he said "funny". I thought the ending was sad. I did not care for this book.

She loved it of course, it had unicorns and princesses in it. He said he liked it because it had fantasy in it. A story about an imaginary friend... yeah it was cute.

They said funny. They liked all the bad things he did. That worries me. lol I did like the illustrations.

We changed his name while we were reading this. We used my sons name and it made Johna giggle every time we said Tyler was the bad boy. We discussed afterwards about how he became good when people complimented his goodness instead of focusing on his bad behaviors. They both said they liked this one.

They both loved it. She said it was funny how he got to the moon on an airplane and he said it was funny and happy. I didn't actually care for it. She also said it taught teamwork. :)

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